Friday, August 12, 2005

To my family and friends: 

Its been 10 days since the surgery and  I just finished my first week of rehab :  this period has been by far the toughest mental and physical situation I've ever been in.  So much of my current disability is due to the swelling from the surgery, but by all accounts doing the rehab is essential to kickstart restoration of the nerve pathways and forestall muscle atrophy.  Every day I see some miniscule to good progress in one muscle group or another, and given the perspective of one week there has been some real improvement.  I'm finally off most of the medications, which is real good because I had a very rough time for the first 7 days after the surgery dealing with the severe mood swings caused by the stronger ones.  At least now when I cry an ocean its because I'm pushing to the max in physical therapy.

My projected release date is August 23;  by then I should be able to walk competently (probably with a cane most of the time) and will probably regain 50-75% motion in my right arm.  They expect 100% recovery, but no one can guarantee when the swelling effects from the surgery will dissipate.

I'm living a very gritty existence. 

I'm an optimist by nature and so I take the long view that this too shall pass in due course.