DAILY LOG OF FLIGHT ACTIVITY       Ending Time                               Pleasure

                                                                 Starting Time                        Business

Date                            Log #                                                              Training

Destination                           A  B  C  D    Total Time                            Maint.  



  FLIGHT PLAN     IFR or VFR                  N3452L         SR22/G              175 kts.

      Departure Airport               Time (UTC/local)                          Altitude






 Dest.    Time     Remarks                        Fuel     Alternate  Pilot Info.  Color

            Enroute                                                                   Ilan Reich     White


                                                                                            CDW    People



    C:                                         A:                         F:                      T:







        Departure ATIS                   Destination ATIS                Alternate ATIS


Info                                    Info                                              Info

Time                                  Time                                            Time

Wind                                  Wind                                            Wind

Visibility                              Visibility                                        Visibility

Sky                                    Sky                                              Sky          

Temp/Dew                         Temp/Dew                                   Temp/Dew

Altimeter                            Altimeter                                      Altimeter

Approach                            Approach                                      Approach

NOTAM                              NOTAM                                        NOTAM



                        Weight              Moment                         Name



  Front #2

  Back #1

  Back #2

  Baggage                                                                      130 max.


  Sub Total                                            Full fuel payload:   562  lbs. max.


  Empty Airplane   2,352              328.685             Confirm Min/Max

  Full Fuel                486                75.28             Moment Range

  Subtotal             2,838             403.965             (see Table 6-9)      Yes    No


  Total                                                               3,400 lbs. max            




     Destination IAP Summary             Alternate IAP Summary


Proc.                                VLOC Ident     Proc.                                VLOC Ident   


GS Intercept Alt:              Angle:            GS Intercept Alt:              Angle:


Step Down Fixes:                                   Step Down Fixes: 




DH                         Runway Length        DH                       Runway Length


Visibility                                                 Visibility


HAA                      TDZE                          HAA                    TDZE


  Destination Missed Approach                    Alternate Missed Approach







LOGBOOK          From                             To                                Time         


X-Country                 Day                    Night                               Inst.  


Instrument App./Remarks                                                          Landings