Suggestions for Salt Lake City?



I just came back from a 10 day trip to Salt Lake City and Park City. I flew into SLC (and did a day trip to Las Vegas), all IFR; and parked at Million Air. The airport and FBO were excellent, but you've got to be persistent if you want a hangar space or plug-in the night before departure. They waive the ramp fee if you buy alot of fuel.

Runway 17 is almost a separate airport, serving just the GA traffic, while 16L and 16R are for the commercial airlines. But don't expect to get cleared for an instrument approach to 17, even if the ATIS says that the ILS 17/35 is in use: its path lies too close the other runways' approach paths. But the tower will give you a sidestep to 17 once you have the field in sight. Its probably a mile or more to taxi from the other runways to 17, so unless the conditions are low IFR, its worth switching over.

At this time of year, if you're coming in IFR expect at least a small layer of ice in the descent into the valley if its IMC on the way in. And on an IFR departure, expect to climb to at least 12,000 feet. Since our planes can't climb at the rate of a jet, expect alot of vectors until you reach that level. Or if you can see the mountains, ask for a VFR climb.

The rental car situation in SLC is quite expensive: the airport authority adds about 25% to the rental rate for an assortment of fees and taxes. I was taken aback, but that's life in the big city.

I've used Provo and Ogden in the past, but its a considerable drive from those airports to either Salt Lake City or Park City. I haven't tried SL Municipal.