Sitka is situated on Baranof Island, protected by a myriad of small islands and Cape Edgecumbe.  A dormant volcano, Mount Edgecumbe, rises 3,200 feet above the community. Sitka was once the capital of Russian-America and Russian influences permeate the area to this day.  St. Michael's Cathedral is the picturesque focal point of Sitka, topped by magnificent copper domes and accented by gold crosses. It was the first Russian church built in America (1844-48), known as the Mother Cathedral for Orthodoxy.   At Sitka National Historical Park (Totem Park), visitors can recapture Sitka's native and Russian history and see a collection of totem poles, a fort site and the battleground of 1804. Also, it is home to the Southeast Alaska Indian Cultural Center where visitors can watch and talk to native artisans.”


Logistics:  Sitka (PASI) is a four hour flight by Cirrus from Anchorage or the Kenai Peninsula.  It has a paved surface airport, and is a stopping point for the coast route to the Seattle/Vancouver area.  See Section Two and Section Four.


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