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Route Two:  Flying the Coastal Route from Western US




·        On the other hand, when VFR conditions exist, flying this route along the coastline of British Columbia and southern Alaska offers magnificent views of mountains, forests, inlets and the ocean. 


·        The first leg of the coastal route is from the Seattle area to Ketchikan (PAKT), a distance of 603 nm.  Significant mountainous terrain exists along this route, so the recommended IFR route with the highest MEA of 9,600 feet would be along the Victor airways: V495 to Victoria VOR (YYJ), V440 to Comox VOR (UQQ) and Port Hardy VOR (YZT), V347 to Bella Bella VOR (YJQ), A10 to Prince Rupert (CYPR for the airport or PR for the NDB), V309 to Annette Island VOR (ANN) and then to Ketchikan airport (PAKT). 






Anchorage Merrill Field (PAMR)

Bella Bella (CYJQ)

Homer (PAHO)

Juneau (PAJN)

Kenai (PAEN)

Ketchikan (PAKT)

McCarthy (PAMX)

Port Hardy (CYZT)

Prince Rupert (CYPR

Seward (PAWD)

Sitka (PASI)

Soldotna (PASX)

Valdez (PAVD)

Victoria (CYYJ)

Yakutat (PAYA)