Cirri on the runway in Piney Pinecreek airport, on US/Canada border                Cirri flying in formation somewhere over western Canada



 Descending through 10,000 feet on IFR approach to Anchorage                      On final approach to Ted Stevens International Airport, Anchorage



            Moose in the backyard of the Blue Moose Lodge, Soldotna                              Lazy afternoon on Swan Lake, Kenai Peninsula



Iceberg calving at Surprise Glacier, Prince William Sound                                  The top five thousand feet of Mt. McKinley, Denali National Park



            Gorges and glaciers at the foothills of Mt. McKinley, Denali N.P.                      An eight pound trout before being thrown back into the Kenai River



            C-46 plane which transports fuel to distant villages, Kenai airport                      Ellsworth Glacier north of Seward, Kenai Peninsula



            25 mile wide Malaspina Glacier, Wrangell/Mt. St. Elias National Park               Completing the circle-to-land at Sitka airport        





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