Text Box: Flying Experiences and Tips
by Ilan Reich
Updated September 23, 2006








From 2004-2006 I was a very active pilot of a Cirrus SR22 and participant on the Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) website.This page contains 30 of my better or more informative posts on that website, divided by topics.


Weather Analysis


PIREP on icing and TKS

Practical Tips for Icing

What Icing Looks Like


Practical tips on thunderstorms

Practical tips on thunderstorms and use of TAFs


Noteworthy Locations


ParkWest Air Tours of the US National Parks



Chicago Midway

Cleveland Burke Lakefront

Las Vegas

Mt Rushmore

Mt Snow or Bennington, Vermont

New York City Area Airports

Salt Lake City


Flying Techniques Iíve Perfected


Daily Log of Flight Activity

Descending at a Constant Speed

High speed ILS Approach

Long Range Trips

Practical tips on Alternator Failure


Care and Coddling of My SR22


1000 Hours in an SR22 in the past 17 months

LOP Mag Check

Tablet PC installation

Using TKS to Deice on the Ground


I Learned About Flying From That....


A Day to Remember

Adios Amigos

Cirrus in the Water:Surviving a CAPS Pull

Real Versus Simulated Emergency

Unplanned Landing in Omaha

Water in the Static Air System

Why I Love to Fly



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